Roger Dean es de sobra conocido por su trabajo como ilustrador de las carátulas de grupos como Yes, Asia, Uriah Heep, Greenslade y varios más. Lo que yo no conocía es la web Prog Archives, un sitio con información bastante interesante sobre rock progresivo. Bueno, en esta web no hace mucho han colgado una reciente entrevista a Roger Dean, de la cual extraigo dos párrafos.

You are, of course, most closely associated with Yes. Can you tell us how that came about, and why you believe it turned into such a unique and fruitful collaboration?
I was toting my portfolio around to anyone who would give me 5 minutes and I met Phil Carson who was running Atlantic in England and Europe. He said he really liked my work and wanted me to do a cover, but said that he had only signed two bands: Yes and Led Zep. He said he would show the first of these who needed a cover and it was Yes, and the rest as they say is history. The reason I think it worked with Yes was because they gave me the space to develop my own solutions; there were no professionals who thought they knew best, no art directors.

Your illustrations on the early Yes albums contained an ongoing story about a destroyed planet being relocated. Was it ever your intention to develop this story, perhaps through animation or narrative?
The simple answer is “yes.” From the get-go it was conceived as a narrative which was worked out before I even started sketching, and was fully developed as a story, and, for that matter, as a movie script. It now exists as a story within a story for the movie provisionally titled “Floating Islands,” which is currently in development. It is a full length animated feature film intended for theatre release. See my website for complete details.

Recomiendo leer la entrevista completa, Dean cuenta detalles muy interesantes de su juventud y de su trabajo. La foto del entrevistado ha sido obtenida del sitio GeekSpeak.

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