domingo, febrero 13, 2005

Rock de los 80's

No es mi período musical favorito, pero tiene bastantes cosas que me gustan. Aunque de ahí a considerarlo lo máximo hay una gran distancia, no se puede negar sus aciertos y sobre todo sus excesos. En el NYT se publica una nota sobre la onda resurrectora de grupos de los 80's que invade el mundo rockero.

The music of the 1980's has re-entered the zeitgeist in a gigantic way. What began more than a decade ago with 80's nightclubs spread soon after through "flashback" lunch hours across the radio dial. After that came the retro-tinged success of blockbuster films like "The Wedding Singer" and pastel-saturated video games like "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City." On television, the hits of that decade now fill the soundtracks of countless popular series, like "The O.C.," which chose a cover of the OMD hit "If You Leave" for a decisive scene last season. And VH1, of course, has built a franchise on 80's exhumations, with "Big 80's" and the wildly popular "I Love the 80's." All together, it's proof that the synthesizer-powered pop songs and hair-sprayed headbangers of that era still have a strange hold on the 30-something demographic so desirable to advertisers.

Es decir, el asunto está claro. Sólo es una forma de explotar los recuerdos adolescentes de los ahora económicamente pudientes muchachos de ésa época. Si hasta en el Perú lo vemos con lo de Rio y otros. Pero no todo parece ser tan fácil. Tears for Fears ha vendido sólo 80,000 copias de su nuevo album "Everybody Loves a Happy Ending", que comparado contra el millón de copias que vendió "The Seeds of Love", no es nada. Y es que revivir carreras no es tan simple, aparte que, por supuesto, no todos los casos son iguales.

According to Ann Fishman, president of Generational Targeted Marketing, the problem's not with the music, it's with the memories. The fans from Generation X, she says, "are not particularly grounded in their youth". "Would you be grounded in something where you had divorced parents, poor schooling?" she asks. "We presume nostalgia is a great selling tool. It is to the baby boomers. It's not to Gen X. The history of their youth has forced them to grow up more quickly. Nostalgia is not necessarily something that's going to move them ahead. They enjoy the music of their youth, but it's not a need."

But these bands are expected to do extremely well in their North American concert tours. Motley Crue, for one, will be paid minimum fees of up to $250,000 per night on their tour. Duran Duran, in addition to big appearance fees, is cashing in on the trend toward V.I.P. tickets, offering their most devoted fans the chance to buy travel packages, including a two-night hotel stay and signed memorabilia, for $2,590 per person.

A pesar de todo, el negocio sigue adelante. Y ya se prepara la onda 90's.

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Javier Ágreda dijo...

Aquí en Lima ya tenemos una radio en FM especializada en música de los 80's: Oxígeno (102.1)