jueves, febrero 03, 2005

Pagar para escuchar radio

Esto lo desconocía, servicio de radio por pago, mismo cable.

The First Rule of Techno-Pop: Any popular, free medium will eventually be ruined by ads, repetition and lowest-common-denominator junk. It happened to network TV, it happened to the Web and it certainly happened to radio.

The Second Rule: Any free medium that has been ruined by ads will eventually encounter competition from a not-free alternative. It happened with cable TV and, more recently, satellite radio.

It may blow your mind to think that over four million people are now paying $10 or $13 a month just to listen to the radio. (Those are the fees for XM and Sirius Satellite Radio. Discounts are available if you pay in advance, own more than one radio and so on.)

La noticia completa (es un artículo largo e interesante, a los que les atrae el iPod se los recomiendo), via el NYT.

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