Este blog está descuidado, el tiempo anda escazo. Un post cortina entonces. For Asimov, Robots Were Friends. Not So for Will Smith, es el título de una crítica a la película Yo, Robot, que se estrena mañana, aparecida en el NYT. Les adelanto algo, si puedo lo traduzco mañana.

This film, directed by Alex Proyas, is actually a hybrid that developed out of a robotic murder mystery by the screenwriter Jeff Vintar and was then transformed after the acquisition of rights to Asimov's book. That hybrid character exists even in its views of technology. The movie wants to look backward toward Asimov and sideways toward Hollywood technothrillers. It promises a fresh embrace of technology while rounding up the usual technological suspects. It is torn between the two sides but is far more interested in one than the other. This was not Asimov's approach. In 1956 Asimov explained that before beginning his robot stories he had tired of the typical robot plot about "the creature that turned against its creator, the robot that became a threat to humanity."

16/7/04 - Otra crítica apareció hoy, así que la incluyo. "I, Robot" is one of the smarter dumb movies I've seen in a while. Its vision of the future is a grab-bag of borrowings from other pictures: the evil corporation from "Robocop," the urban consumer environment from "Minority Report," the sleek and agile killer robots from the last two "Terminator" movies, the climactic riot from, of all things, "Gangs of New York." A straightforward genre exercise, directed with more competence than inspiration, "I, Robot" lacks both the intellectual rigor and the soulful sublimity of "A.I.," but it nonetheless allows some genuine ideas and emotions to pop up amid the noise and clutter. The overwrought ending tries to bring these into some kind of coherence, and the filmmakers deserve some credit for the effort, even though "I, Robot" makes less sense the more you think about it.

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