viernes, julio 23, 2004

Hawking y los agujeros negros

El Dr. Stephen W. Hawking declaró recientemente en una conferencia en Dublin que estaba equivocado cuando hizo una aseveración controvertida hace 30 años, acerca de los Black Holes, o agujeros negros. Los tenebrosos abismos gravitacionales que pueden engullir materia, energía e incluso luz.

In 1974, Dr. Hawking stunned the world by showing that when the paradoxical quantum laws that describe subatomic behavior were taken into account, black holes should leak and eventually explode in a shower of particles and radiation. The work was, and remains, hailed as a breakthrough in understanding the connection between gravity and quantum mechanics, the large and the small in the universe. But there was a hitch, as Dr. Hawking pointed out. The radiation coming out of the black hole would be random. As a result, all information about what had fallen in - whether it be elephants or donkeys - would be erased. In a riposte to Einstein's famous remark that God does not play dice, rejecting quantum uncertainty, Dr. Hawking said in 1976, "God not only plays dice with the universe, but sometimes throws them where they can't be seen." That was a violation of quantum theory, which says that information is preserved, and quantum theory is a foundation of all modern physics.

El artículo es muy interesante, nos habla no sólo de lo ya mencionado, sino de detalles de la vida del Dr. Hawking. Vía NYT.

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