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Novelas sobre el 9/11

El NYT hace una breve reseña de novelas recientemente editadas en lengua inglesa que de una u otra forma tienen que ver directamente con lo sucedido en Nueva York el 11 de Setiembre del 2001.

After three years of near silence about the attacks of Sept. 11, the literary world has begun to grapple with the meanings and consequences of the worst terrorist attack ever to happen on American soil. A half-dozen novels that use 9/11 and its aftermath as central elements of their plot or setting, from some of the most acclaimed literary novelists and the most respected publishing houses, are being released later this year. A similar number have already made their way into bookstores in the last few months.

By no means is that an easy task, of course. Joyce Carol Oates, the author and critic whose recent short story "The Mutants" dealt with a woman trapped in her Lower Manhattan apartment on 9/11, said novels might not be the art form best able to address the events of that day. "This does seem to be about the right time for these novels to be coming out," Ms. Oates said. "But the greatest art form to deal with this might be film, because it can capture the hallucinatory nature of the long hours of that siege." None of the literary novels related to 9/11 have yet attracted large readerships. But given the popularity of previous books by Mr. McEwan and Mr. Foer, that seems likely to change.

Una lista de las obras en mención:

Windows on the World - Frederic Beigbeder
Saturday - Ian McEwan
The Good Priest's Son - Reynolds Price
The Writing on the Wall - Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer

En Tiramillas una pequeña traducción del articulo del NYT.

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