martes, abril 12, 2005

The Eagles, Auto-tributo

Hace unos días en el NYT hablaban no muy convencidos sobre el nuevo album y gira de los U2. Ahora hablan sobre The Eagles, y si de algo están convencidos es de la futilidad de su gira del Adios.

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J., March 31 - Tickets to the Eagles' concert on Thursday night at Continental Airlines Arena read "Farewell 1," continuing a tour that started in 2003. On stage, Glenn Frey called the tour an "ongoing, never-ending odyssey." But the concert itself, with a set largely unchanged over the last two years, suggested that in many ways the Eagles are already gone. Their perfectionism and craftsmanship were indisputable, but they worked more like an alliance than a band.

The concert started with the implied self-congratulation of "The Long Run" and included nearly all the songs on "The Very Best of the Eagles" (Elektra), released in 2001. The Eagles have been working on a new album since at least 2001, but the newest song was "Hole in the World," from 2003. ... But fully a third of the three-hour concert was devoted to songs from members' careers before and after the Eagles disbanded in the early 1980's, as if the band had lost interest in its own lesser-known songs. Band members put more spirit into their solo efforts, from Mr. Henley's "Boys of Summer" to Mr. Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way." Mr. Walsh, the band's designated clown, was unleashed as a lead guitarist in the second set, and his skidding, twanging solos sometimes broke through the predictable arrangements. But for too much of the concert, the Eagles sounded like a studied tribute to the songs they once shared.

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